About Goliath Parts - Your Trusted Partner for Machined Parts
Who We Are

About Goliath Parts - Your Trusted Partner for Quality Machined Parts

We boost our clients’ topline by optimizing their machining to ensure that quality parts are produced at competitive rates.

Are you still outsourcing your manufacturing? There was a time when outsourcing manufacturing was the easiest way to guarantee lower costs and in-turn higher profitability. However, with the advancement of recent technology, we are able to work with suppliers utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to create complete parts. You can now machine your parts, right here in the U.S. for the same competitive pricing as outsourcing, with a fraction of the risk.

American made parts were once the norm, as international tensions rise, we understand the true value of domestic manufacturing. Our parts are always American made. Our mission is to bring back the true value of American made parts. This begins with quality parts always offered at competitive rates.

What are some risks of outsourcing? When outsourcing there are multiple variables at play. For example, economic security in overseas countries may not be the same as here in the United States. Crime, terrorism, corruption and political instability can make or break your bottom line leaving you vulnerable to liabilities outside your control. History has shown that many countries such as Venezuela can destabilize quickly leaving you with insecurity.


Having only begun our journey in 2022, we have already manufactured over 50,000 parts and counting! 

Founding Year

Our company was founded with a new generation of passionate individuals who have over 30 years of collective experience in the industry.


Our suppliers pass a strict vetting process including site visits and quarterly audits to ensure that each part is made with precision and built to our clients standards.

Our Values

We strive to manufacture parts at competitive rates to ensure our clients sucess.

Goliath Parts was founded with the vision of incorporating ever changing technology into an economically critical sector, manufacturing. Almost every item in our daily life has been manufactured at one point in its development process. If the item itself was not manufactured, then the machines used to create it likely were.

The founders of Goliath Parts understand the true value of manufacturing in today's world. That is why our values are focused on locally sourced parts that carry the reputation of "American made."

When you choose to work with Goliath Parts, you choose dedicated customer service, a team of manufacturing experts and advisors with over 30 years of experience, and competitive lead times to ensure that your parts get there when you need them. When things go wrong, and you need parts, we will always be there to take your call and help you get back on track.

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